We create revolutionary mobile games using blockchain technology.
We’ve gathered together the best talents to push the boundaries of technologies
and go on being pioneers in new mobile games’ niches.
Our Project

Total Farm

Mobile game in the genre of "virtual farm". We plan to build a technological background with distributed servers and our own crypto currency.
Our Project

Total Poker

Online poker game on a mobile phone using blockchain technology. Honest poker without the possibility of reading or twisting probabilities.

Our team


Alexey Meleshkevich

Founder of Melsoft Games with an impressive range of over 20 projects in background.


Roman Serdyukov

Experienced engineer with over 15 years in development of successful games and software for high-frequency trading on stock exchanges.


Oleg Pavlov

One of the best art directors in CIS with 13+ years of experience in mainly casual game dev.

Legal Officer

Alexander Firsoff

Expert with over 15 years of legal practice including administration of IT projects. Member of the working group for the development of legislation in the field of information technology and taxation in the Republic of Belarus.


Diana Mager

Enthusiastic marketing professional with experience as Marketing Product Manager of mobile games with over 40 mln players in total.


Valery Samalazau

Engineer with more than 8 years’ experience across multiple industries including Game Development, Consulting and Publishing.

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